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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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  Name Title Group Contact
Rachel Battistella Battistella, Rachel English and Theatre Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Christian Blocker Blocker, Christian Technology Coordinator Faculty & Staff (985) 649-0914
Marsha Bourgeois Bourgeois, Marsha English Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Michael Bourgeois Bourgeois, Michael Theology Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Lise Bremond Bremond, Lise Vice Principal Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Victoria Burk Burk, Victoria French Teacher Faculty & Staff (985)649-0914
Adam Chapman Chapman, Adam Theology Teacher Faculty & Staff (985) 649-0914
Danny Clavier Clavier, Danny Off Campus Coaches
Heather Cody Cody, Heather Science Teacher Faculty & Staff
Calandra Corder Corder, Calandra College Advisor/Alumni Coordinator
Michael Couvillion Couvillion, Michael Math Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Charles Cryer Cryer, Charles P.E. Teacher Faculty & Staff
Chris Cryer Cryer, Chris P.E. & History Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Dana De Noux De Noux, Dana Art Teacher Faculty & Staff
Richard Dieudonne' Dieudonne', Richard Athletic Director Faculty & Staff
Peggy Doucet Doucet, Peggy Psychology Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Sherri Dutreix Dutreix, Sherri Advancement Director Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Roylyne Fasullo Fasullo, Roylyne Business Manager
Paul Frechou Frechou, Paul Band Director Faculty & Staff
Chase Hawthorne Hawthorne, Chase Science Teacher Faculty & Staff
Mary Ellen Jovanovic Jovanovic, Mary Ellen Librarian Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Dana Kenney Kenney, Dana English Teacher Faculty & Staff (985) 649-0914
Daniel Lacourrege Lacourrege, Daniel Theology Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Pam Lisotta Lisotta, Pam Admissions Coordinator Faculty & Staff
Christina Mamolo Mamolo, Christina PE and Science Teacher Faculty & Staff (985) 649-0914
Robin Mangano Mangano, Robin Advancement Assistant Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Beth Martinez Martinez, Beth Math Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Tom McNitt McNitt, Tom History Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Roxanne Moran Moran, Roxanne Spanish Teacher Faculty & Staff
Kandis Porter Porter, Kandis Receptionist Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Austin Puntila Puntila, Austin Math Teacher Faculty & Staff
Cindy Savarese Savarese, Cindy English Teacher Faculty & Staff
Kaitlin Short Short, Kaitlin School Counselor Faculty & Staff (985) 649-0914
Sharon Snowdy Snowdy, Sharon Receptionist 985-649-0914
Francetta Taylor Taylor, Francetta Dean of Students and Science Teacher Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914
Melanie Tiblier Tiblier, Melanie Science Teacher Faculty & Staff (985) 643-3230
Doug Triche Triche, Doug Principal Faculty & Staff
Pat Wattigny Wattigny, Pat Chaplin Faculty & Staff 985-649-0914