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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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PJP Family Rosary

Be a part of the PJP Family Rosary: The Movie!
How to participate:
  1. Contact Pam Lisotta at to get your prayer assignment.
  2. Make your video. Read the tips below.
  3. Upload your video to Google Drive HERE.
  4. Deadline is TUESDAY, MAY 5.
Video Tips:
  • Use your phone or computer camera and hold it HORIZONTALLY.
  • Wear appropriate clothes - PJP fan gear if you have it. Movie star makeup and hair NOT required!
  • Ask someone else to record you if possible, so you get a proper angle/shot. If not, a selfie video is perfectly fine!
  • Holding the phone below your head doesn’t make for a flattering picture. Go straight on or from above if possible.
  • If you are saying the prayer with multiple people, zoom out as far as needed to get everyone in the shot.
  • Go to a secluded area if possible (HA!), or an area with minimal background noise. Turn off or mute the TV.
  • Turn on lights - you want to be seen!
  • Make sure your background/scenery is appropriate. 
  • If you don’t have the prayer memorized, have it written down - it’s ok!
  • Practice the prayer out loud before you record.
  • Pronounce the words clearly. We know the prayer, but we want to hear you say it.
  • Delete and re-record if you don’t like it.
  • When you are satisfied with the recording upload to the Google Drive HERE
  • If you don’t know how to upload a video to Google Drive, ask a PJP student or watch this video.
Remember - it does not have to be perfect! 
The Blessed Mother, Jesus and the Father know your heart.
Stay safe, stay strong, and stay in prayer!