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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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Our Mission


The mission of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School is to provide a Christ-centered educational environment in the Roman Catholic tradition that promotes academic excellence, nurtures faith development and fosters leadership among its students.


The three main principles or pillars upon which the success of PJP rests are:  Academic Excellence, Faith Development, and Leadership.


Academic Excellence:  the school's academic programming is designed to enable each student to develop their intellect to the point that they are prepared to successfully perform at the college level.  Graduates of PJP will:  be open to learning, be intellectually competent, value academic integrity, and be prepared to successfully perform at the college level.


Faith Development:  the school integrates faith-based teaching in every endeavor and in every setting - classroom, community, athletic fields, etc.  The immersion in faith is a collaborative effort involving the students, parents, educators, clergy, alumni and the greater community.   Graduates of PJP will:  be open to spiritual growth, be firmly rooted in spiritual values, be sacramentally competent, value personal integrity, and affirm the dignity of all persons in every natural stage of life.


Leadership:  the school provides numerous opportunities for each student to learn to be accepted for who they are and to grow through academics and participation in athletics and other extracurricular activities.  Graduates of PJP will:   be equipped mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to lead, be moral decision makers, be service oriented, and be responsible citizens.