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New Strategic Vision for PJPII

October 31, 2019
By PJP Advancement Team

At the PJP Advisory Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 30, Mr. Bernard Dumond presented the final School Vitality Strategic Vision Document for PJPII. This document is the culmination of a full year of work by Administration, Faculty, Staff, parents, alumni, students and many other stakeholders. 

The Strategic Vision Document is available for review, just click on the link.

How did we get to this document?

  1. October 2018 - Administration completed an overall School Vitality Assessment.
  2. March 2019 - Mr. Dumond held one-on-one interviews with over 40 stakeholders (faculty, staff, alumni, parents) over a two-day period.
  3. May/June 2019 - The PJP Tomorrow Committee and PJP Advisory Board held multiple listening sessions open to the entire PJP Community.
  4. May/June 2019 - Faculty/Staff teams developed goals for each area of School Vitality, along with strategies and tactics to achieve those goals.
  5. August 2019 - School Vitality Summit is held, with attendees casting votes to determine the priorities for the goals.
  6. October 2019 - Strategic Vision Document presented to Administration, Faculty, Staff and Advisory Board.

The Strategic Vision is a living document, with updates and changes to be made as determined by Administration. 

Thank you to every single person that helped with this process. With the commitment of members of the PJPII Community, our future is bright!

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PJPII stakeholders rank goals for the future

September 12, 2019
By PJP Advancement Team

On Wednesday, August 28, 2019 over 140 "friends of PJPII" gathered to learn more about the plans for the future vitality of the school. After reviewing the 20 goals set by Faculty & Staff, everyone participated in a vote to determine priorities.

The outcome of the vote is below:


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