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Focus on Financial Accountability

October 10, 2019
By PJP Advancement Team

The Pope John Paul II Executive Team is spending more time crunching numbers and analyzing data, specifically to help our athletic teams and school clubs manage their budgets effectively. Financial security will provide an important foundation for the future of PJPII.  We are working to establish new standards and protocols to guarantee our success for the next 40+ years.

Operational Vitality - Goal # 11: To create financial accountability at all levels.

The Executive Team, along with the Business Office, created a more detailed budget for all athletic teams, school clubs, and organizations. The objective is to provide data and resources to the coach/moderator to better manage spending. Executive Team members will work with the coach/moderator to further develop a detailed plan, and establish regular checkpoints and reporting for accountability.

Once the detailed plans for athletics and clubs are implemented, the Advancement Team can transform fundraising activities to focus our efforts and resources. With the PJPII Community working together, the future will be bright!

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