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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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Dual Enrollment Courses

(ANTH 1100) Introduction to Anthropology 

This course provides an introduction to the study of culture and society from a comparative perspective. It examines bio-cultural evolution, prehistory, language, and comparative social and cultural systems. It includes examples from societies around the world to illustrate basic principles of formation, structure, and distribution of human institutions. It focuses particularly on the contribution that knowledge of cultural diversity makes toward understanding the modern world.


(BUSN - 1100) Introduction to Business 

This course provides a general survey of the functions and practices of a business. It introduces students to the functional activities of business organizations and to the external factors that affect the operation of business units. It provides an overview of accounting, marketing, general management, human resource management, finance, purchasing and production, and operations management.


(BUSN - 1330) Personal Finance

This course surveys family finances and personal money management, including budgeting, housing, insurance, taxes, investments, and estate planning. It also examines the relationship between consumer finance and the economy. 


(ENGL 1010) English Composition I

(Pre. Req. ACT English Score of 18) This course, which emphasizes expository writing and effective reading, is an introductory course in writing for those students who demonstrate the ability to write at the expected college level.


(ENGL 1020) English Composition II

(Pre-Req. : ENGL 1010) English Composition II emphasizes writing in the argumentative mode. Students are required to write a research paper in the argumentative mode. The course also introduces the major literary genres.


(FIAR 1200) Art Appreciation

This course introduces the origins and historical development of art. It emphasizes the relationship of design principles to various art forms, including but not limited to sculpture, painting, and architecture. 


(HIST 1500) World History I

The course is a survey from the origins of civilizations to the Age of Exploration focusing on geography, culture, and economics.  


(HIST 2010) American History to 1865

This course is a survey of American history from European colonization to the Civil War. 


(MATH 1300) College Algebra

(Pre. Req. : Math ACT of 19 and PJP Adv Math should be complete)

This course covers topics in algebra including solving and graphing equations and inequalities and working with functions including quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions. It also covers complex numbers as roots for quadratic equations.


(PARL 1000) Introduction to Law and Paralegal Prof

This course presents a general overview of the legal system in the United States. It contains a special unit on legal ethics for paralegals. The course also focuses on the various opportunities in the legal field and the necessary skills to obtain employment in the field. 


(PSYC 1100) Introduction to Philosophy

This course is an introduction to philosophical thought from the Greek philosophers to the present. It exposes students to thinkers, history, and culture through the ages and reinforces the process of critical thinking. 


(PSYC 1100) Introduction to Psychology

This is an introductory course in the understanding, prediction, and control of human behavior, with special emphasis on personality development, motivation, and learning. 


(SOCI 1100) Introduction to Sociology

This course covers the fundamental concepts and basic principles underlying human social relations. It includes basic understandings and theories from anthropology, biology, history, and psychology. 


(PHIL 1130) World Religions

This course is a survey of the world's major religions, including their historical developments, doctrines, philosophies, and impacts on society. It introduces students to the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and to other religions that have a plurality of gods or other foci of worship (Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Jainism, and the New Age). It also examines the role these religions play in society today. 


(SOCI 2100) Social Problems

(Pre. Req. : SOCI 1100)

This course analyzes the maladjustments found in contemporary society and emphasizes the institutional and personal causes of various social problems. Topics include crime, sexual deviance, drug abuse, inequality, and mental illness. The course also covers various theories relating to social problems as well as their political implications. 





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