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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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Fine Arts

Fine Arts


 - This course is an overview of the fields of Fine Arts including: music, dance, visual art, drama, and architecture. The course starts with the beginnings of art in cave art and ancient civilizations progressing through many stages and styles of art including: romanesques, gothic, renaissance, baroque, impressionism, American, 20th century, and contemporary art. 


Art I


 - This course uses the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain as a class guide. Basic drawing is taught including: line, shape, shading, perspective, and portraits. Students begin working with color with water colors, colored pencils and pastels. Surrealism and printmaking are also studied. 


Art II


 - Students in Art II continue the work begun in Art I. Students begin working with light and shadow with charcoal, ebony pencil, and cross-hatching. Projects in still life are completed in water color and colored pencils. Students continue their work on perspective with foreshadowing and portraits with emotion. Students begin working with acrylic and canvas construction and also continue their studies in printmaking. Prerequisite: Art I.




 - This course is for the serious art student interested in developing their portfolio. Their studies include geometric shapes, dreamscape and critiques.  Students will further develop their portfolio in their chosen media, to include: acrylic, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, etc. Prerequisite: Art II. 


Band I


 - This course is designed to teach music by its actual performance, to develop performance skills of the various wind and percussion instruments, to develop discrimination with the regards of the selection of music, to acquaint the students with Music Theory and Music History and how musical composition relates to students’ current life and musical experiences. Participation in rehearsals outside of school and in performances is required. 


Band II


 - Band II is the continuation of the studies begun in Band I. Participation in rehearsals outside of school and in performances is required. Prerequisite: Band I.


Choir I


 - Students will learn vocal technique, choral literature, and sight reading. Students are also required to perform in concerts and to participate in rehearsals outside of school.


Choir II


 - Choir II is the continuation of the studies begun in Choir I. Participation in rehearsals outside of school and in performances is required. Prerequisite: Choir I.


Fine Arts Survey


 - An academic introduction to visual arts; the development, history, philosophy, elements and principles of art, and production of art work in various media.


Theater I


 - This course is designed to introduce students to Theater Arts. Theater I promotes learning the essential vocabulary and processes of theater as well as reading, writing, and researching theater history, acting, directing and producing, and technical theater. Acting experience in this course includes exploring the concept of self, body and voice work, improvisation, acting techniques, and reading and writing relating to theater study. The student will grow in their self expression, confidence, communication of ideas and emotions and thus develop a personal confidence. In addition, students learn about and reflect on various aspects of theater through history and in difference cultures, as well as the various forms of theater and theatre-related media. Please note: Students will be required to participate (in front of or behind the scenes) in one school production every year. This will entail out of class time preparing for this production.


Advanced Theater


 - The focus of Advanced Theater is on the extension of the students’ knowledge in the principles of acting, comedic and dramatic theory, stagecraft, advanced movement, experience in scene and/or play production, critique and refinement of techniques. Basic skills introduced in Theater I, such as learning to work from self, play objectives and actions, and character exploration are solidified and deepened as more complex material is introduced. Students will continue to develop in and focus on their acting skills and in their understanding of the collaborative nature of theater. Young actors will emerge into more honest human beings with instruments that enable them to act truthfully in presenting the delicate nature of human emotional relationships and situations inherent in a playwrights text. Please note: Students will be required to participate (in front of or behind the scenes) in one school production every year. This will entail out of class time preparing for this production. Prerequisite: Theater I.

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