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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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Philosophy & Objectives

Philosophy and Objectives


 - The mission of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School is to provide a Christ-centered, educational environment in the Roman Catholic tradition that promotes academic excellence, nurtures faith development, and fosters leadership among its students.




The student who graduates from Pope John Paul II Catholic High School should:


1. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as the model for Christian living yesterday, today 
and tomorrow and mirror His lifestyle daily.


2. Strive to pursue a way of life that reflects the Catholic Identity Standards of
Christ centeredness, prayer and spirituality, personal morality, family life, social morality, respect for life, and God's life expressed in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and by the Magisterium.


3. Be receptive toward others in an attitude of service and respect for the personal dignity of each individual.


4. Be able to exercise the computational and communicational skills necessary to become and remain a contributing member of society.


5. Exhibit self-discipline and personal responsibility.


6. Continually strive to develop both personal talents and the collective talents of humanity by sharing the uniqueness of the individual in all areas: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and athletic.



The students of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School should:


1. Challenge themselves to achieve their highest potential as evidenced through 
maintenance of good grades and taking courses commensurate with their 
individual student potential.


2. Exhibit appropriate emotional, spiritual and physical development of attitude 
and behavior through positive participation in related school activities.


3. Give service as Catholic Christian men and women within the school 
community and/or to communities outside school.


4. Make responsible decisions based on the Catholic Identity Standards in all aspects of their lives:
• spiritually
• academically
• socially
• emotionally




The parents/legal guardians of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School students should:


1. Maintain regular communications with the school faculty and administration 
concerning their son/daughter's progress, conduct and special needs.


2. Ensure that their son/daughter is in daily attendance and promptly report and 
explain any absences or tardiness from school.


3. Attend Report Card Nights, PJP Parent Club meetings and conferences requested by faculty and administrators.


4. Actively monitor RenWeb and the student planner to enhance their knowledge of student responsibility and to support the accountability of the student to complete his/her own assignments. 


5. Support the mission of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School by being good ambassadors in the community, by bringing to the attention of the Principal any problems or concerns and by supporting and abiding by the policies, rules and regulations of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School.