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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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Student Ambassadors

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Ambassador Team


Ethan Abbenante

Jacob Blakeman

Abby Cappy

Peyton Chiasson

Madison Clem

Ella Cochran

Luka Cutura - Captain

Ellie Doucet

Joseph Estopinal

Abigail Hartline

Logan Klotz

Maddie Lingo

Ashely Mahoney

Abby McCauley

Victoria Monnin - Captain

John Montz

Theresa Nguyen

Garrett Penzato

Rex Perrette

Drew Prude

Ethan Sandrock

Chloe Stephan

Mark Tonglet - Captain

Annamarie Wingerter - Captain

Claire Worchel

What is a Student Ambassador?  

Being a student ambassador allows a select group of students the opportunity to represent their school in a much greater capacity, within the communities of PJP, Slidell, all church parishes and across the Archdiocese of N.O. including, but not limited to all of the following:
- hosting guests of all ages to our campus,
- touring interested families & prospective students, and
- possible speaking engagements at various events.


Membership is based on a student’s commitment and loyalty to PJP, an ability to lead, public speaking skills, knowledge of school and community, possessing a Christian attitude, steady grades and willingness to commit to events during class and outside of school hours.  Being a student ambassadors is a dominating aspect to your high school career and shows well on any college application or resume.  A student ambassador is a leader, is dedicated to their school and is willing to serve in many capacities.

What do Student Ambassadors Do?

At PJP, Student Ambassadors are visible at any and all of the following off-campus activities:

  • Check Registration Days, Fair and/or Fun Fests

  • High School Information Night

After weekend masses at specific church parishes to promote PJP or Catholic Schools events
During Catholic Schools Week, delivering gifts of gratitude to the business community for their support and are selected to visit area elementary schools for storytime or P.E. classes

  • Slidell’s Mayor Breakfast

  • Chamber events

  • speaking engagements at elementary schools


On-Campus, Student Ambassadors are assigned, but not limited to, greeting and hosting guests our campus at:

  • Grandparents Day

  • 8th grade visits to our campus

  • Shadow Days

  • Open House

  • 8th grade test days (usually on Saturday)

  • Spring Campus Tour Days

  • National Honor Society Masses

  • Guest speakers to our campus, such as: Immaculae Ilibigaza, Archbishop Ammond, and other dignitaries, etc.

In addition, campus tours are essential in promoting our school in a positive, personal and very often one-on-one basis.  Student Ambassadors play a key and integral role in educating guests, sharing their personal experiences and giving a positive image to potential students, honored guests, and even scheduled committees (such at SACS) if called upon.

In summary, Student Ambassadors love their school and are more than happy to share their positive attitude and opinion of PJP to anyone at anytime.  They are held to a high standard of character, leadership, responsibility and dependability by their moderator, peers and school’s administration.  Their conduct and representation of PJP is monitored before, during and after school - as well as on and off our school’s campus.

A selection process - to include an application, interview and an all-encompassing faculty review - takes place in the Spring Semester here at PJP.  Students who've at least completed their Freshman year may apply, and some students who do not apply may be nominated or invited by PJP’s Administration or Advancement team to apply to this program because others may see potential in a candidate that an individual may not see in themselves.  Candidates are notifited as soon as the selection process has been completed.   A  team of 25 students are selected to serve during the following school year.  In the event that an ambassador leaves or is dismissed early in the school year and a replacement is warranted, then those who applied are given notice to consider joining the team during a school year. 

For more information, please feel free to ask any current Student Ambassador or contact our moderator & Advancement Director, Mrs. Sherri Dutreix at our school office.