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A Catholic School for grades 8-12
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Service Hours



Stewardship to Church, School, & Community

“I have come not to be served but to serve”
- Jesus of Nazareth.


Minimum Yearly Requirements:

8th Grade:  20 (10 church)
Freshmen:  30 (15 church) 
Sophomores:  30 (15 church) 
Juniors:  30 (15 church) 
Seniors:  30 (15 church) 


The PJP service hour policy for the 2021-2022 school year is as follows: 

  • All service hours must be earned through approved service organizations. Service hours earned at home or with family will no longer be accepted. 
  • Students will no longer be required to take a picture of themselves doing service. Taking pictures is still encouraged as a backup for verification.
  • Earning all service hours will no longer be a requirement for earning a PJP diploma.
  • Hours must be earned from a specifically approved organization on the list below.
  • On Book Day, incoming students will be given a Service Log in which hours will be recorded. Logs will include a section where representatives from approved organizations must place their signatures in order for hours to count.
  • Non-approved organizations will require submission of an approval form before hours can be done with them.
  • There will no longer be a 4th quarter grade given for completion of service hours. All hours (20 for 8th grade, 30 for 9-12th grade) must be completed in order to take the 2nd-semester Theology exam. Failure to complete all hours (half must be church hours) will result in an “F” on the exam.
  • Seniors’ service hours will be due on the last day of the 3rd quarter. All other students’ service hours will be due on April 29th. Turning in-service hours late will result in 10 points off the Exam grade. 
  • No service hours earned during the previous academic year will be carried over to the next academic year. Students can begin earning service hours for the next academic year starting in May of the previous academic year.

Any questions about the new policy should be directed to Mr. Daniel Lacourrege, Service Hour Coordinator (, or Mr. Douglas Triche, Principal of Pope John Paul II Catholic High School (

Note to parents: A fundamental aspect of faith development is service. In addition to full participation in school-sponsored service projects, ALL Pope John Paul II Catholic High School students are required to individually involve themselves in a variety of service activities within their church, local community, or school. Required service hours are factored into theology grades.

“These activities should serve the needs of the church and the society, especially the needs of the poor, sick, elderly, and young children. It should be noted that a minimum of 50% of the student’s required service hours must be performed within the church community. Although Pope John Paul II High School is a Catholic institution, any service hours performed here are NOT deemed Church service hours. Students MAY perform ALL hours in a church community.  It is strongly recommended that students complete their individual service requirements during the summer. However, should a student be dismissed from a service site due to inappropriate behavior or Unchristian conduct, all the service hours earned at that site thus far will not count. Thank you for your interest and cooperation in teaching our students the importance of the Catholic value of Christian Service as demonstrated in service to church and community.”

Below is a list of the Approved Service Hour Locations for Church. Please click the file below!
Below is a list of the Approved Service Hour Locations for Community. Please click the file below!
Below is the PJP Service Site Approval Form to request a new site/organization for Service Hours. Please click the file to view.