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Summer Reading List

Dear Parents and Students,

Pope John Paul II Catholic High School believes that reading should be a part of every person’s life-long learning. The ability to analyze the written word is a skill not only useful in the world of English, but also in our daily lives. Therefore books are assigned for each English class level. The assigned book(s), as well as the evaluations, will address not only the Louisiana State Standards of Education, but also the Archdiocesan Catholic Identity Standards. The summer reading program is an important part of the school’s Accreditation Action Plan encompassing critical thinking and analysis.


PJP’s updates its reading program annually through titles, number of required novels, and especially the types of assessments. Therefore, please check this year’s novels and requirements. Students must complete the reading BEFORE the first day of school. Major assessments will occur within the first ten days of the academic school year. Students should be prepared for diverse evaluations.


Select your class on your schedule below. Please purchase the novels for appropriate course level based on your class schedule. READ carefully the appropriate novels and complete the assigned assessments for the first day of school. Assignments will be collected by your English teacher on the first day of school, August 9, 2018.Books can be obtained online (for example:, as well as from local North Shore bookstores. AP English IV books (limited quantities) can be borrowed for PJP Library, during the week of June 18th. Please note the number of required readings, the types of assessments, and the titles.


In all cases, contact the local bookstore to order the required novel(s) or online sites.


Marsha M. Bourgeois - English Department Chair
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