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Thursday 4/9 Update

April 09, 2020
By PJP II High School

Dear PJPII Community,

Family is always important when facing tough times. Students, parents, and teachers always tell me that what sets our school community apart from others is that we are a family. Families take care of each other. We have a rich, faith-filled history of helping other family members in need - it’s just who we are. 

In 40 years of history, we have never experienced a situation like the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s a challenge. We are doing the hard work: social-distancing, on-line classes, staying home, and sheltering-in-place. The most difficult challenge for some of our families may be what lies ahead. 

It’s always about our students, as far as the Administration, Faculty, and Staff of PJPII is concerned. Our Mission is to provide a Christ-centered educational environment in the Roman Catholic tradition that promotes academic excellence, nurtures faith development, and fosters leadership among its students. We want to ensure EVERY PJPII STUDENT can return to Pope John Paul II High School next year. We are asking our PJPII Family for help.

Our family needs your time, talent, or treasure to increase the Tuition Assistance Fund for the 2020-2021 school year. You can help keep our PJPII Family strong and enduring in our Vision for the future!

How can you help?

Pray for the PJP Family in this time of need (email Sherri Dutreix to be part of the Prayer Team)

Volunteer your time. Be a Social Media Ambassador: share our posts and/or start a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser on iGive Catholic (email Pam Lisotta for more info)

Donate, big or small; your gift will make a difference for someone’s son or daughter! (iGive Catholic for PJP)

We know these are uncertain times. We also know God is in control. Strengthen your faith, strengthen your family, and strengthen the PJPII Family. We are not alone. We are stronger together!

Yours in Christ,

Douglas V. Triche

PJP President/Principal