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Tuesday 3/31 Update

March 31, 2020
By PJP II High School

Dear Jaguar Family, 

Dear Companions on the Journey, 

"The sickness of a family member, friend, or neighbor is a call to Christians to demonstrate true compassion, that gentle and persevering sharing in another's pain."  St. Pope John Paul II

As the cases and the death toll of the coronavirus increases, so to our compassion and sense of understanding must also increase.  Let us pray that we continue to reach out to one another in our hour of need.  


Dr. RaeNell Houston, our Archdiocese of New Orleans Catholic School Superintendent, asked me to pass on her deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the heroic effort teachers, students, and parents have made during this time of crisis in our community. 

School Office:  Due to the pandemic, the school office is only open with an appointment.  Most staff are working from home.  The office phone will be answered between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. through the call forward feature.

NO OFFICIAL WORD YET ON SHELTER IN PLACE EXTENSION.  PJP is making plans in the event that the Governor makes such an announcement.  Please stay tuned.

SENIOR last class day will take place no later than April 22.  IF PJP is still doing Zoom classes, the last class for SENIORs will be G period on April 22.  SENIORS ONLY  

Senior Disney Trip is officially canceled.  It will take time for Disney, the hotel, and the bus company to process the refunds.  Please be patient.   

SAFE ENVIRONMENT on ZOOM: Students MUST clearly identify themselves upon entering a zoom class session by putting their FIRST AND LAST NAME. Teachers have been asked to only admit students with first and last names.    

I agree with the Superintendent; you are all heroes for the great effort you have put into the continuation of your schooling during this trying time in our history.  

God bless

School Closure